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08.08.2009 News 2 Comments

A Typical School Day

Our students attend school from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily during the school year. This is a long day, but we do not assign homework: all schoolwork (with a few minor exceptions) is completed within school hours. We believe concept retention is better served with a longer day and longer academic year, but with more frequent and lengthier vacations.

In middle school (grades 6-8), our students are actively engaged in the structured, sequential, research-based and multi-sensory approach to instruction we use to lay the foundation for academic readiness. Our small class setting (3-6 students in a class with a teacher) ensures that each student gets enough attention.

Physical Education is broken up into two periods per day – younger students have a lot of energy and need the chance to work some of it off. Our core subjects are five days per week: language arts, reading, literature, math, science and social studies. Students also have social skills, art, music, and typing.

In high school (grades 9-12) the schedule is similar, but students also have foreign language, critical thinking/philosophy, home economics, home maintenance and mentoring time. Every Tuesday afternoon high school students are out from 1-4 on a clinical experience which may be career exploration, a service project, or other activity that helps them explore their own interests and strengths.

In 2008, we worked extensively with Diane Sept, a Connected Riding teacher, to learn horse handling skills. We saw the self-confidence of several students soar. Wednesday afternoons each high school student spends and hour with their assigned mentor (each is trained by us and our licensed counselor) to discuss progress and stumbling blocks.

Like middle school, we have physical education five days per week to encourage the kids to burn off some energy and get their minds cleared.

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  1. Admin says:

    Hello Dominique – can you tell me a little bit about why you’re interested in our school? All of our students love it here, but every student is different, too.

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