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25.02.2011 News No Comments

What if College Isn’t For Me?

More and more colleges, think tanks, and educators are finally getting the message that not every student is cut out for a traditional four year college and degree.  Here, for example, is a study from Harvard that states this very thing: 

The question is, what are we offering as an alternative?  Where do students get work experience, social skills, and the life skills necessary to live in a confusing and (sometimes) toxic culture? 

Elijah School tries hard to give every student those skills, and to help them discover their strengths.  Some students find them in academics; many find them through artistic expression, and many through work.  One of our students has struggled in school all ofhis life – what makes him work harder (and succeed) at Elijah is the fact that every Tuesday his internship is with a local farmer.  He loves that work experience and it motivates him to work harder at the things he doesn’t like.

Our education system needs to recognize that one-size-fits-all does nothing of the sort.  It should be obvious to anyone that two of Harvard’s most successful alumni never graduated: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.  Clearly the traditional path isn’t for everyone, and we thank God that He has created so many different people with such a diversity of gifts.