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Our Vision & Values

We envision a generation where all students can attain the goal of becoming well-educated, passionate, intentional young people who live in healthy relationship with themselves, their faith, and their community.

  • Hard work: Learning any skill – even study skills – takes hard work. This is equally true of our faculty, staff, and students.
  • Faith means more than just believing – it means living as a committed disciple of Jesus.
  • Honesty is central to our vision because most basically we need to be honest with ourselves about our strengths, weaknesses, and how we fit in to God’s kingdom.
  • Value is something God has invested in every human life.
  • Integrity means standing firm against the pressures of our modern culture to conform to worldly standards.
  • Respect is recognizing the innate worth of all people as God’s creations and beloved children, and then treating them accordingly.
  • Humility requires us to be modest, never pretentious, and never thinking we are superior to others. As Christians, humility before Almighty God should be the basis of our lives.
  • Seeking Wisdom from a variety of sources – books, teachers, in prayer – but always grounding ourselves in Biblical principles.
  • Glorifying God by following Christ in all of our endeavors and striving to find His purpose for our lives.

These are our goals for each one of our students:

  1. Enabling them to discover their strengths and redeem their weaknesses.
  2. Awakening a love of learning is one of our primary goals.
  3. Helping them gain self-confidence and self-worth through both classroom and outside work (e.g. service projects).
  4. Teaching behavioral self-monitoring skills and techniques.
  5. Giving students practical social and job skills so they can take a meaningful and appropriate role in their communities.
  6. Allowing them creative outlets so that they can express themselves in different ways through art, music, and writing.
  7. Learning how to give, accept, and ask for prayer in a group.
  8. Submitting themselves gladly and willingly to God’s will for their lives.