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What We Believe

Elijah School believes in educating the entire student – body, mind, and spirit.

  • We are John 14:6 Christians. Biblical principles and worldview are woven throughout our curriculum.
  • We believe that if students have failed to learn it is because that student’s unique learning style has not yet been discovered. Elijah’s job is to find that style and provide appropriate teaching methods.
  • In order for students to make lasting progress, they must have a positive self-image. We help our students by providing opportunities inside and outside the classroom that enable them to succeed on their own.
  • Social skills and life skills are critical to a student’s experience for them to succeed in school and to form healthy relationships in their community.
  • We believe that good behavior can be maintained through classroom structure, the use of positive reinforcement, and social skills training.
  • Classes are arranged not by age but by skill level: students encourage one another and learn to build relationships beyond what they are used to.
  • Mentoring sessions – especially for high school students – help students share struggles, successes, and focus on problem areas.