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As parents ourselves, we want you to know as much about Elijah School as you want.  We value your thoughts, share your concerns for your child and are committed to working with you.  If you are interested in having your student attend Elijah School, here is a generalized list of steps:

  • Schedule a Tour to see us in action. Call the office, (443) 478-8435.   moores chapel
  • Submit an Application along with student records and any copies of psychological/educational reports.
  • Arrange for Placement Testing with Elijah.  Our placement test is designed to help us identify your student’s skill levels, areas of strength, and weaknesses. Results are shared with parents on the testing date and determination is made as to the appropriateness of student placement. Provide the evaluation fee at the time of screening.
  • At that point, you would, submit the Tuition Contract with the enrollment deposit. The student’s space will be guaranteed.
  • Request information on payment plans and needs-based financial aid, if needed, upon receipt of enrollment acceptance letter.

“Elijah School is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I have learned more this year than I did all of middle school. I love how hands-on it is, and how much the teachers really care about our education. During Christmas break,I actually wanted to come back to school because I missed it so much!” ~ Bethany